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& dramas

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vigil 2 - bbc

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Unexplained deaths in the air force draw detectives into a hostile military environment at home and abroad

Episodes  -  2.3     2.6 

World Productions             Dir: Joss Agnew              Prod: Marcus Wilson  

outlander 7 - starz/sony

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An English WW2 nurse, transported back in time, becomes entangled in the dangerous life of the man she falls in love with

Episodes  -  7.3    7.4    7.7    7.8    7.11    7.12

Left Bank Pictures            Dir: Jacquie Gould   Joss Agnew   Lisa Clarke           Prod: Michael Wilson   Patrick Conroy

the marvels - feature film

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Credits:   Elements Unit Director of Photography   /   Main Unit B Camera Operator

Sequel to Captain Marvel, directed by Nia DaCosta. Staring Brie Larson, Teyonah Parris, Iman Vellani and Samuel L. Jackson.

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falling for figaro - feature film - cinema & netflix

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A brilliant young fund manager leaves her unfulfilling job to chase her dream of becoming an opera singer. A romantic comedy from the award winning director of The Sessions, starring Joanna Lumley, Danielle Macdonald & Hugh Skinner.

WestEnd Films     Dir: Ben Lewin     Prod: Judi Levine, Arabella Page-Croft

annika - season 1

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Unconventional Annika heads up the marine homicide unit, delving into the dark mysteries of the Scottish waters and her own complicated personal life. Starring Nicola Walker and Paul McGann.

Black Camel Pictures     Dir: Philip John / Fiona Walton     Prod: Kieran Parker  &  Arabella Page Croft

deep state 2 - fox/disney

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Personal and political rivals clash as transatlantic factions descend on Mali in a bid for power. Geo-political spy thriller, starring Walton Goggins and Alistair Petrie, shot on location in Morocco and South Africa.

Endor Productions     Dir: Matthew Parkhill     Prod: Paul Frift

a midsummer night's dream - feature film

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"The course of true love never did run smooth" - Shakespeare’s great romantic comedy gives us love, jealousy, magic and devilry as a night in the forest leaves unsuspecting townsfolk in the mischievous hands of quarrelling fairies.

Parkhouse Pictures     Dir: Sacha Bennett     Prod: Tracy Beresford & Steve Jarvis

deep state 1 - fox/disney

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A missing son draws a retired MI6 agent back to the middle east where the turmoil of corporate greed and aggressive global politics threatens the lives of anyone it touches. Season 1 of Fox’s political spy thriller, starring Mark Strong & Alistair Petrie

Endor Productions     Dir: Matthew Parkhill     Prod: Tom Nash

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