CV selected credits

Falling for Figaro




Deep State 2




Deep State 1 


On Chesil Beach    


The Rhythm Section

Midsummer Night’s    



That Good Night    






Rock The Kasbah    



Partners In Crime    



First People        





By Any Means        






Outside Bet        



The Holding        



The Torment       

Black Camel Pictures / Such Much Films

Feature Film

Romantic comedy starring Joanna Lumley


Endor Productions            
Network Series                
Political spy thriller for Fox/Disney, starring Walton Goggins

Endor Productions            

Network Series                

Political spy thriller for Fox, starring Mark Strong

Number 9 Films                
Feature Film, Additional Cinematography
Based on the Ian McEwan novel, starring Saoirse Ronan


Eon Productions

Feature Film, 2nd Unit

Action thriller starring Blake Lively & Jude Law


MSND Ltd                
Feature Film                
Shakespearen comedy, shot on location in Austria, starring Robert Lindsay

GSP Studios                
Feature Film, 2nd Unit            
Bittersweet drama, starring John Hurt and Charles Dance

Kudos Film and Television            
Mini Series, Additional Cinematography    
From the best selling novel, starring Toby Jones

Kasbah Productions            
Feature Film, 2nd Unit        
US comedy, starring Bill Murray and Bruce Willis

Endor Productions            
Drama Series, Additional Cinematography    
Agatha Christie mystery, starring David Walliams

Tilting Ground Productions            
Feature Documentary            
Exploring the lives of the Batchewana people of Canada

Hat Trick Productions            
Mini Series, Additional Cinematography    
Trauma theatre drama, starring Lenny James

Red Planet Pictures            
Drama Series            
Crime thriller featuring Gina McKee and Nick Moran

Byzantium Films Ltd            
Feature Film, 2nd Unit        
Vampire thriller, starring Gemma Arterton

Gateway Films            
Feature Film                
Horse racing comedy, starring Bob Hoskins

Pistachio Pictures            
Feature Film                
Winner BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - British Horror Film Awards

Authentic Films            
Feature Film            
Psychological horror. (“The Possession of David O’Reilly” - US)

Dir:      Ben Lewin

Prod:   Arabella Page-Croft / Judi Levine


Dir:       Matthew Parkhill
Prod:    Paul Frift


Dir:       Matthew Parkhill

Prod:    Tom Nash


Dir:       Dominic Cooke
Prod:    E Karlsen / S Woolley



Dir:        Reed Morano

Prod:     Barbara Broccoli


Dir:        Sacha Bennett
Prod:     Tracy Beresford



Dir:        Eric Styles
Prod:     Charles Savage, Alan Latham


Dir:       Euros Lyn
Prod:    Matt Stevens


Dir:       Barry Levinson
Prod:    Bill Block/Steve Bing


Dir:       Ed Hall
Prod:    Hilary Bevan Jones


Dir:       Lia Williams
Prod:    Guy Hibbert


Dir:       Jon East
Prod:    Chris Hall


Dir:       Mark Everest
Prod:    Tim Key


Dir:       Neil Jordon
Prod:    Stephen Woolley


Dir:       Sacha Bennett
Prod:    Terry Stone/Tony Humphreys


Dir:       Susan Jacobson
Prod:    Alex Boden / Terry Stone


Dir:       Andy Cull
Prod:    Steve Isles

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